Smart Contract proposals

After you uploaded the content of the proposal to the Permaweb, and you have RANK, you can create a proposal for it.

When creating the Proposal make sure you fill out the fields correctly.

Has front end:

Only check this if the contrat has a working front end

Has Fees:

Only check this if the Contract collects withdrawable fees

Update, update of:

If you deleted a smart contract, you can update it. You must fill this out correctly.

If the reviewer finds you didn't fill out the form correctly, the proposal will be rejected


After a proposal has passed, it will appear in the catalog.

The creator can withdraw rewards for it on the My Proposals page.

Reward to the balance and to the Stake.

Removal proposals

A contributor can choose to remove his own proposals. For this, he can click Remove on the My Proposals page. Removals will happen via voting, create a discussion link for it the same way you did for the rank proposals.

Suspicious proposals

If a proposal is malicious, it can be marked suspicious while voting reject.

If the proposals fails, the contributor can loose his stake.

If a contract has passed but later it turns out to be malicious and the creator will not remove it, it can be reported on the catalog page.

Front ends

If the proposal contains a front end, you can implement Ricardian Contract Parsing via Verify Signed Contract

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