Accepting Smart contract terms

This page describes how to accept a contract that has a smart contract attached to it.


If you have selected a network in the app when creating the contract, and you are not using a custom metamask config, you get the benefit of one-click onboarding to your network.

The app will autoconfigure metamask when the user clicks on the network button.


Accepting terms for a smart contract is the same as explained in the Agreements on Ipfs guide.

pageAgreements on Ipfs

The accept function

After the user signed the agreement and decided to deploy the proof they will be prompted to call the accept function. This is a funcion inherited from Simple Terms and the only thing required for the user to call to be able to officially register their address as a participant inside the smart contract and start using it.

ERC-20 added to wallet

As visible below, if the token deployed is the ERC-20 selected from the catalog, the app will prompt metamask to add the tokens to it, so users can start using them.

The balance will be sent to the issuer of course, who also needs to accept the agreement to be able to use them. After this, anyone who has accepted the agreement is free to transfer these tokens.

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