You can learn more about the contract configuration here

Smart Contracts

You need to add a smart contract address here. This is required. If you didn't deploy a compatible smart contract yet, you can do it here.

Sanctions and Expiry


Blocking addresses

Add a coma separated list of addresses to the input field and they will be blocked. A list without spaces works best. Prepare it in an external text editor and just paste it into the field.

Setting an expiry date

The default expiry date is always tomorrow. The contract always expires at midnight.

It's important to set this, if you want to have control over how long the contract can be accepted.

You have to click on the button Never if you want it to never expire.


When the terms are accepted, the user has the choice to redirect. This is not automatic.

You should add the URL to the input field where you would like him to be redirected.

You can omit "https" from the URL string, it will be automatically appended.

The CID of the Ipfs content will be appended to the URL like URL/${CID} so you can choose to collect the proofs of acceptance like this with your application.

Redirect to a page that implements Verify Signed Contract to parse the accepted contract and perform actions like connecting to a smart contract


You can attach a trail to a contract. Users who are prompted to sign the Ricardian fill find a link to to navigate to the trail

Wallet configuration

The Ricardian Contract can be configured to automatically add an ERC-20 to the Wallet.


To upload a contract you need to enter the password of the currently imported burner wallet here.

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