The Trails feature has been updated after version 0.0.10 to use Arweave only.

Previous versions use Harmony network to store Trails names. This is deprecated.

Ricadian Fabric provides an easy way to upload documents and link them to Trails, which are similar to threads.

Trails hold comments, which are Arweave Transactions.

Trails can be linked to Ricardian Contracts and with it, to smart contracts.

Trails are useful for Audit Trails, for creating Asset-Referenced Tokens.

Creating a Trail

To upload something to a trail, Click Permaweb and Add the Comment.

Uploading A Comment Transaction

  • First you must add the name of the trail you want to comment on

  • You can link a transaction, if you add a comment here, it will appear as a reply, otherwise you can add uploaded files!

  • Comment is the message that will appear on the trail

  • Type your Arweave password

  • Click add comment to upload it.

Linked transactions

You can link any transaction uploaded via Ricardian Fabric. For leaving an audit trail for a treasury, PDF format would be the best.

You will find legal contract templates that you can use as Ricardian contracts in Trails.


Trails can be attached to a Ricardian Contract:

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