Uploading Smart Contract proposals

To add a proposal, you must upload it to the permaweb first. The DAO will vote on the Transaction Ids.

Use the Permaweb dropdown on the create proposal page

Learn more about the Permaweb functionalities here:


To upload a proposal, first you need some Ar, so make sure to top up your Arweave Burner wallet.


You must select the Contract Category, it can be :

  • Registries

  • Tokens

  • Token Sale

  • Payments

  • Governance

  • Other


You must add a name, make sure it's unique.


You have only two options, if you select ALL, the contract must be generic that can be deployed on all chains.

If you are using external tokens for example, they must be on Harmony network, so you must select Harmony from this list.


The Artifact is the result of the Smart Contract compilation, this is used to deploy the token. Copy it from your project

Git repo

You must copy the git repo at a specific commit where the artifact was built.

The reviewer, when voting on the proposal will need to build the project and get the same artifact to vote approve.

Front end

If the smart contract has a front end, link it. It must be uploaded to IPFS or Arweave

Inherits from simple terms

If the contract uses simple terms, check this checkbox.

Find out more about simple terms here:

pageSimple terms


You need to add a generic description that can be later downloaded so it can be included in the Ricardian too.


After you filled out the form, you can post the proposal to the permaweb.

Use the transaction Id in your smart contract proposals, and that's it. The DAO can vote on it.

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