Get familiar with Arweave and the Permaweb

What is the Permaweb?

The Arweave blockweave is a novel blockchain solution that offer permanent storage of data and hosting. You pay once in the native currency Ar for the uploads and it will be forever hosted by the nodes of the network.

You can access the permaweb features of Ricardian Fabric by clicking on the Permaweb dropdown.


The first thing you must do in order to use the permaweb is to get an account. You can import an existing Arweave key or get a new one. Click on the New button next to Address.

Importing accounts

If you already created an encrypted key and you want to use it, you need to click on the Import button and add your key there.

Decrypting keys

You will not be able to use the encrypted keys with other platforms. If you want to extract the original key file, the encryption is openssl compatible.

You can use this to decrypt it:

openssl aes-256-cbc -d -salt -pbkdf2 -iter 10000 -in encryptedfilename -out plaintextfilename


To see the transactions you posted to the network visit

Transactions are not instant. You will not see it instantly in the chain explorer, wait 10 minutes. Sometimes transactions are lost due to network congestion. If this is the case, you will not be charged Ar.

To transfer Ar, just fill out the form and after clicking send, you will see the transaction fee and you can post the transaction to the network.

Some extra fees other than the network fees may be charged for sending a transaction, those fees are sent to a random token holder.

File Uploads

You can upload any file to the permaweb. Select it from the Dropdown.

Simply drag and drop a file. The Content-Type will be automatically filled out!

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