Asset-Referenced Tokens

Putting the pieces together

You can bridge Trad-Fi to De-Fi using Ricardian Fabric. By creating Ricardian Contracts, Trails and using Smart Contracts, you are able to create tokens that can be proven to be backed by assets or instruments.

An asset-referenced token is a token that refers to an asset. The asset could be anything, from a car to a house to gold bullion.

If you want to create an asset-referenced token, your first step is to create the Trail

Then you can deploy a contract from the catalog. If you want to create a single asset, you can choose a generic NFT or ERC20 base contract.

After this all you need to do is add your terms. Your terms will outline the rights of the holders of the tokens, how they are backed and other conditions of the agreement.

The trail is attached to the ricardian and the ricardian is deployed.

After this, your users are provided with an easy way to stay updated and you can post periodic treasury updates to the Trails, to make sure all the asset-referenced tokens are referring to the specific asset.

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